Oolong tea dessert


Oolong tea dessert. What a treat!
In general, oolongs are great compliment to sweet snacks. Depending on what kind of dessert you are having, there is almost always a good oolong to go along with your treat. As such, we've tried to make dessert using various types of oolong teas hoping to combine the compliments into one harmonious experience. There were a few recipes we experimented on a whim, but none was as delightfully done as the one at Il Ristorante Rosi on the upper east side. Sharon, their pastry chef, choreographed a sweet dream intertwined with roasted oolong tea (005 / Iron Goddess), chocolate, hazelnut, and salted caramel. A spoonful of what they named Trifoglio Di Cioccolato is a creamy interpretation of the Iron Goddess with a gentle tannin from the tea. Iron goddess was infused into the ice cream and custard, plated with an architecture of glass sugar dusted with dried oolong tea leaf. Candied hazelnut brought the desired nuttiness and crunch to the silky texture of the tea ice cream and custard. All so wonderful I wish I could indulge in another one as I write this blog post. Sharon shared with us that this is their number one dessert, one that beats Tiramisu in an Italian joint. 
Here is Sharon plating up her beautiful creation.


And this was what i had the pleasure of tasting -


If you happen to be on the upper east side and feel like having something sweet, here is their dessert menu.