Oriental Beauty Oolong & Strawberries July 06 2014

Besides seeing our customers loving oolongs, some of our proudest moments happen when we see talented chefs making creative uses of Té's oolong in ways that surpass our wildest imagination. We've had the pleasure of tasting the most wonderful oolong tea dessert from Chef Elwyn Boyles in the Per Se kitchen, who in our opinion is the best pastry chef in town. His magical creation arrived at our table in layers of strawberry goodness. Fresh strawberry, strawberry sorbet, candied strawberries, baby mint leaves, and yogurt panna cotta sat on top of buttery shortbread. The combination is then surrounded by a foam clouds of oriental beauty oolong tea, which so delicately compliments the sweet bouquet of strawberries with its indigenous coppery and floral perfume. Who would have thought Oriental Beauty, the tea named by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1960s, could compliment strawberries in such impressive ways. It is a true honor to have our teas in hands of talented chefs whose artistic creations serve us lucky New Yorkers daily.
Here is a visual of Elwyn's lovely confectionery creation. 

We serve two of our most selective and beautiful teas at the Per Se restaurant. We couldn't help to snap a photo of our teas listed on their ipad menu! It is a moment to write home about.