Té Launch



6/23 marked our first oolong tea party. It was a casual hangout for friends and family of Té on a Battery Park City rooftop.
From the very beginning, it was assumed that we would properly host a oolong tea party. The question always revolved around when and what would be the proper occasion. A celebratory event for the Té web store launch seemed appropriate.
We spent some time drawing out the blue print for what we would serve at the party, outside of a wide range of oolong tea tasting. Having a professional chef in house at Té Company, we explored copious ideas on how we could utilize oolong teas in various culinary creations. Our love for mixology also made it impossible not to incorporate oolong tea into the libation offered. After a few rounds of recipe testing, we cooked up (literally) our first Té party menu. 


Té caraf bar
001 / Frozen Summit
002 / Royal Courtesan
003 / Mountain Range
004 / Oriental Beauty
005 / Iron Goddess
082 / Rose Scented Evergreen


Té bucket
ICED TEA, Light roast oolong tea, lemon basil, lemon verbena
"WATER", Cucumber, Mint, water
SANGRIA, Mountain Range oolong tea, summer fruits, cava, brandy, brown sugar, soda
CHIP & DIP, jasmine oolong tapioca crisps & jasmine oolong, ginger and peach dip
TEA TRIFLE, Dark roast vintage oolong tea & rum dipped lady fingers with lavender whipped cream
TWIST, Summer pineapple jam in pâte feuilletée
TEA SANDWICH, Japanese cucumber, tzatziki, cream cheese, McClure's pickle, capers and torn croutons
CHORIZO ROLLS, Pecorino Romano, Spicy chorizo and Herbs de Provence
CARAMELIZED ONION TART, Brandy, Red onions, Parsley, Lemon segments
CHEESE PLATE, Hawes Double Gloucester (cow's milk), Montenebro (goat's milk), Le Marechal (cow's milk), Delice d'Argental (cow's milk),  Grapes, scones and miscellaneous nuts.
Mountain Range oolong infused gin
Redemption rye whiskey
Fords gin
Dolin vermouth
Diplomatico rum
Cocktail Fixing
Assorted syrups
Simple, lavender, mint, vintage dark roast oolong, peppercorn
Shiso, lemon basil, lemon thyme, mint
Here are some photos of the day.
More images are available at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tecompany