Assam red tea, from Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan January 11 2015, 0 Comments

Recently, we sampled a red (black) tea from the Assam varietal produced near the beautiful Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. This cultivar was recognized in 1973 by the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station as TRES #8, a more refined Taiwanese Assamica compared to its original version from India. The Japanese introduced this variety to Taiwanese soil during its occupation of the island, intended to establish Taiwan as a main producer and exporter of black tea. The production of this particular cultivar dramatically decreased after Japan left Taiwan in 1945. Today, small scale harvest of the TRES #8 red tea is mostly seen around the Sun Moon Lake region in Nantou. 

We were given this sample of red tea by Philip from the Taiwan Tea Craft. Thank you Philip for the lovely gesture!


Tasting notes -

Damped leaves | sugar cane, grapes, lychee

Wash | Aroma of sweet strawberries and mineral wet stone

Taste | Silky in texture, sweet on the palate with minimal tannins. Strong perfume of sugarcane, macerated berries and maple syrup.

Comments -

Overall we really enjoyed this tea. It's a sugary treat that would pair extremely well with creamy dessert or strong cheeses at the end of a meal. If you are sensitive to tannins and astringency, this would be a great option for you!