Blends, Herbs, and Spices

With herbs, spices, and flowers, we can bring anecdote and a sense of magic to any dish. We hold this same principle in our tea blending. Presented to you here are wonderful combinations of herbs, flowers and tea that we enjoy. These blends are to savor and enjoy the complementary. For the caffeine sensitive, we gladly recommend our purely herbal options as well.
081 /  Mountain Range Shiso Quick shop
082 /  Rose Scented Evergreen Quick shop
084 /  Lemon Goddess Quick shop

084 / Lemon Goddess

from $11.00

085 / Ambrosia Quick shop

085 / Ambrosia

from $11.00

101 |  Flora  // caffeine free Quick shop
102  |  Maqaw  |  馬告  //  caffeine free Quick shop
103 |  Citron  // caffeine free Quick shop
104  |  Indu  // caffeine free Quick shop