Wellness Tea Gift
Wellness Tea Gift
Wellness Tea Gift
Wellness Tea Gift
Wellness Tea Gift

Wellness Tea Gift


A gift for those who practice wellness and self care.

This tea set is for the body and mind. It includes a full bodied green tea that cleanses our internal organs and a GABA tea that eases and calms the mind. Wellness information about each tea are included along with a card for you to write a customized note!

(Feel free to email us here for a handwritten message, just remember to include the order number!)


The Teas

Green Sanctuary GABA

The tea name stands for Gamma-aminobutyric acid, a chemical messenger in the brain that promotes sleep and lowers anxiety and stress levels. Tea produced in anaerobic environments heighten the concentration of GABA. Made by a group of monks in the highlands in northern Taiwan, this tea is for the meditative soul. For more details click here 

Oriental Green

A green tea that helps balance our blood sugar level and contributes to our cardiovascular health. Green tea has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and is associated with lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Here is a natural way to clean our inner self. More details can be found here.

Each gift includes

  • Oriental Green 2oz Box

  • Green Sanctuary GABA 2 oz Box

  • Information card for each tea

  • A card for the recipient (email us here for a handwritten note at no additional cost - be sure to include order number.)

*note: brewing instruction is included on the packaging.