Green Sanctuary Farm

Hand-harvested and processed in Pinglin, all of these teas are made by a Monastery of Buddhist monks, practicing the art of the tea making as a vocation and path of zen. 
Teas from Green Sanctuary are farmed in small batches, without the use of pesticides.
The monks experiment regularly, and because of their methods every batch is unique.
063  |  Green Sanctuary Vert  |  靜思綠茶 Quick shop
060  |  Green Sanctuary: Wild  |  山烏龍 Quick shop
076  |  Green Sanctuary: GABA  |  佳葉龍茶 Quick shop
062  |  Green Sanctuary Roast  |  正欉鐵觀音 Quick shop
077 |  Green Sanctuary White  |  紫芽白茶 Quick shop
061  |  Green Sanctuary Violet  |  紫芽紅茶 Quick shop