055  |   Ruby Brew  |  紅烏龍
055  |   Ruby Brew  |  紅烏龍
055  |   Ruby Brew  |  紅烏龍
055  |   Ruby Brew  |  紅烏龍

055 | Ruby Brew | 紅烏龍


Ruby Brew is a newcomer in Taiwanese tea. Just in the last decade, local tea producers collaborated with tea academics to perfect the art of high oxidation and gentle roast. Production of this tea is scarce and has only recently made its way to the West. The crimson infusion comes from small beads of ruby black leaves. We smell a heady scent of toasted chestnuts. The texture is silky and the taste is forward with accents of pear and cherry freshness. We are transported back to tea houses of calm and meditation when we drink Ruby Brew.
Origin : Luye township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Cultivar : Jinxuan & Qingxin cultivar
Elevation : 1,200 meters
Oxidation : 70%
Roast : Medium


Flavor Profile : Stroopwaffle, toasted chestnuts, dehydrated corn
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, ample, velvety
1 oz / 29 grams / 5-6 servings per ounce