Taiwanese Iconics

Taiwan is the darling tea region, best known for Oolong, a genre of semi-oxidized teas lesser known to the West. Here are a few distinct styles that are most representative of Taiwanese tea craftsmanship, each unique and fitting for different occasions. We offer a collection of these classics as a display of Taiwanese tea heritage.
Pouchong Oolong Tea sourced from Taiwan in West Village tearoom Te Company in NYC Quick shop
052  |  Valley of Dragon & Phoenix  |  龍鳳峽高山茶 Quick shop
066  |  Frozen Summit  |  炭焙凍頂烏龍茶 Quick shop
056 | Oriental Beauty | 東方美人 Quick shop
079  |  Jade Rouge  |  紅玉紅茶 Quick shop
005  |  Iron Goddess  |  鐵觀音 Quick shop
Iconic Taiwanese Tea Set Quick shop
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