Suggested Brewing Instructions

Loose leaf oolong tea can be steeped up to at least 3 times. Especially dark roast oolongs, which tend to be bold and voluminous in flavor, can deliver aromatic infusions up to the fifth steeping. Layers of aroma release as the tea leaves slowly unwind, showcasing a string of flavors at every steeping. Feel free to experiment with brewing time and water to tea ratio catering to your own taste.

For added olfactive experience, rinse the dry tea leaves with boiled hot water prior to first steeping: Pour 1~2 tablespoon of boiled water into the teapot, wait for 3 seconds, pour out the water. Inhale the fragrance of lightly damped tea leaves to enjoy delicate aromas released by different oolong varietals.


                1                  heaping teaspoon for ball shaped teas

                       2                  heaping teaspoons for twisted shaped teas


                8                 oz (1 cup) of boiled spring water, preferably 95 degrees Celsius or 203 degrees Fahrenheit


                2               minutes


 See blow charts for more details:

The suggested brewing instruction is for guidance only, please adjust to your own personal preference. 


Tea Filters

If using fillable tea filters, allow plenty of room for tea leaves to unwind for superior infusions. We recommend medium sized unbleached and biodegradable filters. Click here.



Filtered or natural spring water is ideal for tea brewing. Avoid tap water if possible, as majority of tea infusion comes from water and any impurities and undesirable flavors from tap water can change the flavor substantially.



Premium quality full leaf oolong teas are delicate and wonderful as is. Adding sugar and milk is not necessary.