For the Tea Lovers:

Tsukimasa: A small tea shop in Tokyo, tucked away not too far from Shimo-Kitazawa station. All of the tea is excellent-- and his selection of wagashi ( Japanese tea pastries) is divine.
Sakurai: This Japanese Tea shop is serious business. His offerings, and fresh takes on traditional Japanese Tea service is worth the visit for the perspective. I’d go for the Gyokuro if nothing else.
Ippodo: Japanese staple, since 1717,  serving a quality product in a beautiful space.


A suburb to the west of Tokyo, heavily sought after to live in.

Inokashira Park: One of the most beautiful and quiet parks in Tokyo
Harmonica Yokocho: A post war market, that was known to deal in some black market goods, overtime became an area teeming with great bars and restaurants. The places here are really packed together and provide a great atmosphere for any evening. Amongst the tightly packed places, is a small 7 seat Italian restaurant that serves an unbelievable pesto pasta as well.
The town is filled with small shops and boutiques, excellent place to buy some things for the home.


Home to a number of Record shops, vintage stores, and Music houses, “Shimo-kita” is a hub of young activity.


            Tsukimasa: See Above*

            Bear Pond Coffee: A place that has acquired considerable fame in recent times for good reason.



This is not the most popular place outside of Tokyo. A small suburb city to the west, where most tourists travel out to see the famous Jindaiji temple. Which in my opinion has one of the most lovely botanical gardens to boast about as well.


TonTon: The best Shochu, Sake bar I have even been to. Hands down.



The following areas are quite well known and have innumerable places one should go and see.


            Place - Electric City

            Craft Beer Hitachino

            Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlets)- Marugo



            Place - Kabukicho

            Place- 3-Chome

            Rum Bar - Baobab

            Craft Beer- Watering Hole

            Craft Beer- Tap Stand



            Afternoon Lunch stop- Deus Ex Machina


            Ometesando Koffee, now Koffee Mameya

Yoyogi –

            Coffee/ Cocktail - Fuglen


            Bar- JBS

            Café – Café Bleu ( Amazing fresh local milk!)


            Japanese Tea – Sakurai *

            Pizza Slice 2

            Cocktails- Freeman’s Sporting Club


            Ramen- Afuri


            Pizza Slice ( New York Styled Space, with New York Style Slices)


            Coffee- Café de l’ambre


The following places are those that we’d invite you to visit and give a little research to yourself.



Koenji- Lots of Vintage/ Record Shops

Jimbocho - Classic Bookstores


Yokohama - Chinatown, Many Tea Houses

Kamakura - Amazing Temples, Great Art Galleries