Selecting your cup of oolong tea by aroma and flavor characteristics...

Similar to food choices, the most enjoyable cup of teas are often ones most suited for a specific mindset or occasion. Our palates prefer a round, deep and complex infusion on chilly evenings rather than a light bodied tea that showcases vibrant florals and fresh vegetation on a warm breezy afternoon. Here we organized our oolong teas by their aroma and flavor characteristics to make sure you can select the most appropriate teas at ease.



Light, Floral Vegetal

001 / Frozen Summit
003 / Mountain Range
051 / Graceful Hill
052 / Mountain Range Reserve
081 / Mountain Range Shiso

Medium, Fruity, Honey

002 / Royal Courtesan
004 / Oriental Beauty
054 / Honeyed Evergreen
055 / Ruby Brew
082 / Rose Scented Evergreen


Bold, Complex, Smoky

005 / Iron Goddess
053 / Frozen Summit '02 Vintage