059 | Pouchong Expert's Pick | 包種茶


We went old school here with the help of a famous tea-competition judge. Pouchong teas from Pinglin are varietals that date back to the earliest teas in Taiwan and these are the local expert’s handpicked teas. The finish is long, grassy. The smell is of lily and light moss. This tea is an elegant old lady whose story you want to discover. For our literary types, this tea is you meeting Joan Didion without knowing she is Joan Didion.
Origin : Pinglin Distric, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tea maker : Chang Min Fu
Cultivar : Qingxin
Elevation : 500 meters
Oxidation : 10%
Roast : Light
Flavor Profile : Lily, light moss, juniper berry, grass
Mouth feel : Light, refine, elegant
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package