061 | Green Sanctuary Violet | 紫芽紅茶


Green Sanctuary’s Violet is a black tea named after the carotene found in its leaves. This rare purple cultivar was originally found in China. It tastes of lovage, with hints of celery and dried red berries. Its musky wood chip scent reminds us of an autumn hike through the Hudson River Valley. When we drink it, we almost hear the crackling of a campfire next to the gentle gurgle of a river.
Origin : Pinglin Distric, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tea maker : Monks
Cultivar : Zi Ya cultivar
Elevation : 750 meters
Oxidation : 100%
Roast : Medium
Flavor Profile : Lovage, steamed celery, freeze dried red berries
Mouth feel : Generous, warm, juicy
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package