062 | Green Sanctuary Roast | 正欉鐵觀音


This roasted Green Sanctuary oolong is better known in Taiwan as Iron Goddess or Tieguanyin. Due to its popularity, a true Iron Goddess varietal has become a rare find. We liken its character to a wise grandparent, pleasant, smooth, and full of class. Smell: Charcoal, leather, subtle vanilla. Taste: Nuts, spices, and toasted barley.
Origin : Pinglin Distric, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tea maker : Monks
Cultivar : Tieguanyin
Elevation : 750 meters
Oxidation : 20%
Roast : Medium - Dark
Flavor Profile : Toasted barley, vintage leather, subtle vanilla
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, smooth, velvet
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package