065 | Crimson Grace | 紅韻紅茶


The more mature sister of our Jade Rouge, Crimson Grace, carries itself with poise. Its flavor is complex and bold. Like flaked grapefruit peels and roasted cashews, balancing its citrus top with brown sugar notes. The finish is deep and soft like corduroy, the feeling and color its namesake. This tea is a conversation with a dear friend, with all joy and interest paid simply for the good company. 


Origin: Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi township, Nantou county, Taiwan
Tea maker: Yeh Ming Fang
Cultivar: Hongyun / TRES #21
Elevation: 800 meters
Oxidation: 100%
Roast: Light

Flavor Profile : Grapefruit Rind, burnt Sugar, sherry, cashew
Mouth feel :  Velvet, lingering, full bodied


1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package