066 | Frozen Summit Reserve | 炭焙凍頂烏龍茶


Frozen Summit, or Dong Ding (凍頂), is the archetypal oolong. A true charcoal roasted tea. Its source is one of history. Among a room of fine family heirlooms, and hanging pictures, a family has been perfecting the art of the roast for six generations. The head of the family, Mr. Lin, insists their tea to be brewed in clay pot and preferably an Yixing, to deepen the aroma. The flavor of buckwheat and brown sugar wave over our mouths, behind swirling caramel notes. The gentle pull is relaxing, encouraging us to ask for more.


Origin: Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Tea maker: Lin Zi Pei
Cultivar: Qingxin cultivar
Elevation: 800 meters
Oxidation: 40%
Roast: Medium

Flavor Profile : Caramel, Brown Sugar, Buckwheat, Evergreen
Mouth feel : Present, structured, full bodied.


1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package