067 | Tristar '05 Vintage | 三星鄉老茶


From Yilan, a 12 year roasted tea who breaks all the rules. The farmer Mr. Xie blends different varieties across unsold batches from 2005, roasting them together to a perfect harmony. Think caramel, leather and smoke. Subtle is not the word here. The roast notes are heavy, like an old man smoking cigars on side street hickory benches. It is the peat whiskey of teas.


Origin: Sanxing Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
Tea maker: Xie Chao Yang
Cultivar: Jinxuan and Qingxin 
Elevation: 200 meters
Oxidation: 20%
Roast: Dark

Flavor Profile: Campfire, leather, smoke, peat, toasted hay
Mouth feel: Full bodied, heavy, coating, dank


1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package