077 | Green Sanctuary White | 紫芽白茶


Harvested from Purple tea leaves in Pinglin by Buddhist monks. This experimental tea is a departure from other White Teas, in taste and character; it speaks in cracked black pepper and whispers of sea grass. For all its boldness, its finish is light and readying. This tea is like Salvador Dali, a perfect piece for conversation, and aperitif.


Origin : Pinglin Distric, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tea maker : Monks
Cultivar : Zi Ya cultivar
Elevation : 750 meters
Oxidation : 20%
Roast : Light

Flavor Profile : Black peppercorn, sea grass, sundried tomatos
Mouth feel : Savory, light finish, complex


1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package