057 | Oriental Beauty Grand | 特級東方美人


Oriental Beauty was the most precious tea in 19th century Taiwan. It traveled to the West and was given its name by an English Queen for the beautiful flavor complexities. It is also known as champagne oolong or Bai Hao oolong. Muscat grape is the signature aroma for this tea, brought to life by tiny tea crickets Jacobiasca formosana. When the tea plant is bitten by this insect, its defense mechanism secrets a specific hormone for preservation. As the discreted hormone experience intensive oxidation during tea processing, muscatel-like aroma flourishes. The tea criquets thrive in warmer climate and are especially active in the summer, causing the harvest to be extremely seasonal.
The highest grade of Oriental Beauty we offer is of limited quantity. It's only when nature cooperates in early Summer, there is an abundance of crickets when the tea plant is at its healthiest and fullest. Large amounts of bites means more intense honey sweetness in the final infusion, bringing more depth and character. We got the last gram of this batch from the family that has been making Oriental Beauty for four generations.   
Origin : Emei, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Cultivar : Qingxin da mao cultivar – bitten by tea jassid
Elevation : 0 meters
Oxidation : 70%
Roast : Medium
Flavor Profile : Orange blossom, honey, muscat grape, rose
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, silky, long finish
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package