079 | Jade Rouge | 紅玉紅茶


Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan is a national treasure for its beauty. Grown there with a special TRES cultivar, we think of our first loves when we drink this tea.  Its taste is hard to pin down, but its memories linger.  Perhaps everyone will taste and smell something different in this tea. For us, we get a cinnamon tang with a long finish and star anise.  Tell us what you taste.

Origin: Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi township, Nantou county, Taiwan
Tea maker: Yeh Ming Fang
Cultivar: Hongyu / TRES #18
Elevation: 800 meters
Oxidation: 100%
Roast: Light

Flavor Profile : Cinnamon camphor, quince, star anise
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, structured, heady

1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package