084 / Lemon Goddess


Last fall, Lemon Goddess made its debut at the New Amsterdam Market and instantly became the market goer favorite. Lemon Goddess is a unique combination of Stokes Farm lemon thyme grown in Old Tappan NJ and the Iron Goddess oolong from Taiwan. The herb's bright lemony aroma complemented its own subtle earthiness. Lemon Thyme brings elegant flair of citrus high-note to Iron Goddess' smoky leathery character. The bright amber infusion from Lemon Goddess is supple and silky, elegantly glides across the palate. Lemon Goddess is most wonderful served warm on a breezy summer evening, but just as delightful served iced with a stem of fresh mint.
Flavor Profile : round citrus, evergreen, leather, wood chips
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, ample, round
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package


Brewing Instructions