085 / Ambrosia


In our multiple tea blending trials, we often sought inspiration from what's available at the seasonal farmer's market. In addition, we looked for prominent herbs used in the diverse ethnic cuisines readily available here in New York City. We found shiso at our favorite sushi joint and marjoram at a Mediterranean restaurant. Neither restaurants used the herbs for tea, but they accented their dishes exquisitely with them. We were so inspired. Ambrosia, a blend of Stokes Farm marjoram and the Iron Goddess is one of the top choices amongst those tea blends came out of such discovery.
Marjoram, often used in savory stews and meats, is incredibly aromatic. The herb has an elegantly complex expression of pine and balsam so lovely it could be made into cologne. We brought forward Marjoram's perfume with a tea that is unctuous yet deep in smoky undertone, hence the Iron Goddess.


Flavor Profile : fresh pine, deep evergreen, wood chips.
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, supple, round
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package


Brewing Instructions