102 | Maqaw | 馬告


Maqaw, a peppercorn-looking seed from an evergreen shrub (Litsea cubeb), is indigenous to Taiwan and a traditional spice for the aboriginal Atayal tribe, commonly referred to as mountain pepper (山胡椒). It carries aroma of citrus oil, ginger, peppercorn and takes on notes of lemongrass. The tribal citizens collect the seeds from the shrub and sun dry them to intensify the flavor. For the Atayal tribe, Maqaw can be steeped as a caffeine free tea or as spice for both meat and seafood preparations. A few seeds carry a long way, use gently for the aroma is refreshing yet potent. 
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Origin : Hualien county, Taiwan
Species : Litsea cubeb
Elevation : 1,000 meters

2 oz / 57 grams / 18 servings per package