005  |  Iron Goddess  |  鐵觀音

005 | Iron Goddess | 鐵觀音


Iron Goddess, or Tieguanyin, originated in the Fujian Province of China. In its Chinese tradition, this tea was lightly oxidized and barely roasted. In its new home of Taiwan, cultivators found that a slow, repeated roast plus hand kneading brings out a better bouquet. Thus, a new tradition emerged from the old as new roots were born in a new land. Subtle is not the word here. The roast notes are heavy, like an old man smoking cigars on side street hickory benches. It is the peat whiskey of teas.
Origin : Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Cultivar : Ying Zhi Hong Xin & Jinxuan cultivar
Elevation : 300 meters
Oxidation : 40%
Roast : Dark
Flavor Profile : Tobacco, leather, winter evergreen, wood chips
Mouth Feel : Full bodied, brash, present
1 oz / 29 grams / 5-6 servings per ounce