003 / Mountain Range


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One of the most beautiful oolong varietals came from high elevation mountains. Misty morning fog and cool air nurtured the tea plant, carefully preserving its nutrients for the tea buds thus translate to the gorgeous vegetal sweetness that lingers on the palate.
Mountain Range oolong is delicate and sophisticated. Flood of flowery aroma rushes to the nose, accompanied by notes of cut grass and freshly cut apples. The pale yellow liquor is supple and finishes with accents of brioche and light pastry.  It is an exquisite spring or summer day treat.
Origin : Nantou county, Taiwan
Cultivar : Qingxin
Elevation : 1,000 meters
Oxidation : 20%
Roast : Light

Flavor Profile : Lilly, fresh cut hyacinth, apple, pastry
Mouth feel : Lighter bodied, refined, supple
2 oz / 57 grams / 18 servings per package


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