082 / Rose Scented Evergreen


A bouquet of roses brightens any occasion with its elegance and beauty. Its wonderfully pungent fragrance often represents sophisticated sensibility. Roses and oolong together is not often explored but worth the effort.
The flower intertwines its perfume with layers of honeyed stone fruit. Rose petals release faint acidity that brightens its own herbaceous characteristics while transforms Frozen Summit's caramelized honey into stewed wild berries. Deep amber infusion is brisk and aromatic. Heady aroma of roses floods the nose while the mouthfeel opens on a note of fruity grapes, cooked spinach followed by flares of mineral wet stones. The wonderful bouquet eventually fades into an exquisite finish of perfumed winter evergreen.  
Flavor Profile : Rose, winter greens, grapes, stewed berries, wet stone
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, brisk, generous
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package


Brewing Instructions

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