002 | Royal Courtesan | 貴妃美人


Royal Courtesan oolong is a relatively recent varietal. It was the silver lining of the devastating earthquake of 1999 in Nantou county. After the earthquake, many tea gardens were abandoned temporarily as farmers sought rescue and recover from the disaster. Unattended, these tea gardens were attacked by Jacobiasca formosana, the same tiny tea plant insect that provided muscat sweetness for Oriental Beauty. When the farmers returned to their gardens they were disappointed with the harvest, though curious enough to still use that year's harvest to make Frozen Summit. The result turned out extraordinary. Royal Courtesan offers a bouquet of fragrant roses and notes of luscious muscat grape while accented by fares of caramelized sugar. The golden colored liquid is beautiful and full of intricate aroma. Texture is smooth, medium bodied, and ample in finish.
Origin : Lugu township, Nantou county, Taiwan
Cultivar : Qingxin – bitten by tea jassid
Elevation : 1,000 meters
Oxidation : 40%
Roast : Medium
Flavor Profile : Rose, artichokes, caramelized sugar, muscat grape
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, ample, round
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package