055 | Ruby Brew | 紅水烏龍


Ruby Brew oolong, also known as Hong Shui oolong, is the grandfather of the Frozen Summit, or Dong Ding oolong. It is a stylized tea from older generations where processing steps are significantly more delicate and requires expertise from experienced tea masters. The oxidation and level of roast are both much higher in Ruby Brew than Frozen Summit. Production of this tea is scarce thus makes it extra precious. 
The crimson infusion came from small beads of ruby black leaves. Aroma of heady rose is made sweeter with hints of lychee. Exotic sensation of fruit and flower are set against a background of cut hay and wet rocks. Deep colored liquor is silky in texture and rich in body accented by freshness of pear and cherry. A sip of Ruby Brew reminisces of old school tea houses that's transporting, to another era, calm, peaceful and of the presence.
Origin : Lugu township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cultivar : Soft-stem (Ruanzhi) cultivar
Elevation : 1,200 meters
Oxidation : 70%
Roast : Medium - Dark
Flavor Profile : Rose, lychee, pear, cherry, wet rocks, cut hay
Mouth feel : Medium bodied, opulent, velvety
1 oz / 29 grams / 9 servings per package


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