Té company is a curator of oolong teas. We offer an array of loose leaf oolong teas in addition to unique and artisanal oolong tea blends locally crafted in micro-batches. Our flagship tea room is located in the heart of West Village in New York City. We traveled far to source our oolong teas from the East, home to the best oolongs in the world. We discover blending ingredients from local sustainable farms and create provocative tea blends. Oolong tea is a beautiful and elegant beverage and we feel incredibly honored to have you spend some time with us today! 

   “The Chinese symbol for tea, cha (pronounced tcha): it consists of three keys which are, from top to bottom, that of herb, human, and tree; it can therefore be translated as a herb that grows on a tree and is good for humans.”

- Tea, Aromas and Flavors Around the World, by Lydia Gautier