Té Company is more than tea shop dedicated to quality product and exemplary service. We are a group of individuals committed to the common goal of creating fond memories for our guests and ourselves, elevating the standards and expectations of tea at the shop, in the home, and even non-tea service establishments.

Know, our goal is to broaden the awareness for Taiwanese teas, specifically oolong teas, striving to make unique and quality oolongs available and accessible.

Whether you have an awareness of tea or not, a longing for new knowledge and refinement of hospitality is of value. We want to see and assist the development of thinkers and makers. An open mind, and strong level of commitment is necessary for true learning. We expect the materialization of hard work, and progression of skill. In time, we hope this leads to an impression upon us, and the leaves of your own influence.


If a position here interests you, feel free to contact us at info@te-nyc.com