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Gift wrap

The gift wrapping option is not currently offered through the website, but we are more than happy to help you put together a oolong tea gift. Contact us at and together we can arrange any gifting requirements to accommodate you needs.


Cold brew recommendations

Any oolong varietal can be brewed and cooled for iced tea. It's a slightly different experience but a wonderful one. For the summer time, we recommend light to medium roasted teas for a more refreshing experience. The specific varietals are: Mountain Range, Frozen Summit, Royal Courtesan, Graceful Hill, and Honeyed Evergreen. Feel free to add any fresh herbs or citrus peels to create your own versions of oolong iced tea.
Brewing iced tea is relatively simple. Brew as you normally would following the instructionshere, then either let it cool in room temperature or put in the fridge. For more concentrated iced tea to enjoy with ice, brew 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea in 3 cups (24 oz) of boiled water for 12 minutes, strain, add ice cubes made with good tasting water.


Storing the teas without a tin

The best way to preserve tea is to keep it away from direct light, heat, moisture, odor and air.
If you don't have a metal tin, put the tea in any air tight canisters. Otherwise, use a strong rubber band to tie together the metalized foiled bag and store in its original box. Ensure the tea is kept away from direct light and heat once it's nicely sealed from air and moisture.


About caffeine

A cup of oolong tea (generally) contains a quarter the amount of caffeine compared to a cup of coffee. Though, every tea is different based on processing method and tea plant varietals.