Wellness Tea Collection

Tea has been celebrated for its restorative qualities for thousands of years. The myth of tea’s origin dates back to 2700 BC when the Divine God of Agriculture, Shen Nong (神農), was said to have discovered tea while resting under a Camelia Sinensis tree. When a stray leaf fell into his cup of boiling water, he tried the new infusion and immediately felt energized and well.

Here is a collection of teas we deem restorative for the body through the lens of both Eastern and Western medicine.

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070  |  Oriental Green  |  美人綠茶 Quick shop
077 |  Green Sanctuary White  |  紫芽白茶 Quick shop
076  |  Green Sanctuary: GABA  |  佳葉龍茶 Quick shop
057  |  Oriental Beauty Grand  |  特級東方美人 Quick shop
065  |  Crimson Grace  |  紅韻紅茶 Quick shop
068  |  Iron Goddess Archetype '13 Vintage  |  正欉鐵觀音老茶 Quick shop
105  |  Wild Chrysanthemum  // caffeine free Quick shop
104  |  Indu  // caffeine free Quick shop
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