Who we are

Why, we’re Té Company! We’re passionate about the semi-oxidized tea known as oolong and we want to help you enjoy this beverage.  Oolong has a lineage of a thousand years. It is full of delicate flavors and, since we love nuance and believe nature is in the details, our mission is to nourish you with this tea.

Every year we travel to sundrenched valleys and fog covered hillsides in Taiwan to bring back delectable oolongs, then, home in New York, we study the craft of tea and scour the farmer’s market to find new ways to heighten a tea experience.  Our tea shop in the West Village pairs small bites to enhance your tea tasting and our online shop provides a wide variety of oolongs and brewing accouterments for your at-home experience.  We believe oolongs should be celebrated like fine wines, whiskeys, and single origin coffees. This is our mission and we’re so excited to have you along!


About Elena & Frederico

Elena grew up in Taiwan and moved to the US in her early teens.  Growing up drinking oolong was part of her daily ritual. So she grew up and she drank tea, not knowing she’d one day meet her husband Fred at a little bar in the West Village. By the time they met, Elena was well-versed in the foodie world of New York.  It was a meeting of minds and taste buds with Elena and Fred, and through countless meals Elena discovered in herself an eagerness to expand her passion.  Oolongs are as historied, layered, and delicious as wines and coffees, she thought! Like this Elena took her pastime to a deeper study.  In 2012, she founded Té Company in an effort to bring awareness, appreciation and a source of premium oolongs to the culinary community of New York.

Frederico grew up in Portugal and moved to New York to pursue his passion as a chef in fine dining.  He has worked under internationally renowned chefs like Marin Bersutegui, Feran Adria and, in New York, as a Sous Chef at Per Se.  He is equally passionate about innovation and tradition, as such, he is often learning new skills so he might use them to enhance longstanding dishes.