Bespoke Tea Tasting


Have a fondness for tea? Join owner, Elena Liao, on a journey through her passion and dialogue towards your own insights about tea. This guided tasting tour will take you through five different types of oolongs.  You will learn about their origins and discuss their nuances.  There’s a shy tea, a coy tea, a masculine tea, and one, a seductive mistress.  That’s only four-- meaning you get to decide what the fifth one’s like!  Elena jokes that she can intuit people’s romantic interests by their tea preferences and we think her taste is right on. Three delicious snacks are paired to enhance your tea journey—including our signature pineapple linzers. 



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(Photo via: Adam Goldberg)



Pineapple Linzers


 Bring home the cookies! 6 linzers per box, so you can share your favorite teas and treats with friends and family. The Pineapple Linzer is our take on the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake. Pineapple jam is sandwiched between two discs of hazelnut shortbread then finished with lime zest and sea salt. We only make limited amounts per day so they stay fresh and delicious. Pre-order them on days that are convenient for you to pick up at our Manhattan tearoom. 


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Pickup Address: 163 West 10th St. New York, NY 10014
Linzer boxes will be ready at 10:45 am for daily pickup, though feel free to stop by anytime during the day between 10:45am - 7pm.





**Dinner at Bonnie's 
We are suspending Dinner at Bonnie's through the Holiday season into early 2017. Our last dinner service will be 11/14/16, part of last round's ticket release and is unfortunately fully booked. In order to provide consistent and well executed guest experience, we've decided to halt our dinner offering and focus on daytime tearoom operation. We've had a wonderful time serving dinner in our tiny tearoom this past year and will be sure to put together an exciting evening program next year. Thank you so much for your interest and support and please visit us during the regular business hours for teas and snacks!